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Let's create some volunteer magic together.

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Formaat: 81 x 86 mm

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To us, it is crystal clear: volunteers deserve attention and appreciation. Not only for what they do, but above all for what they mean. Because they are the fabric of our society. They are plentiful, yet the great diversity of volunteering activities across sectors is still unknown to many people.

With the campaign #WeVoluntHere, we make voluntary work visible in the streets! Stick the sticker in a visible place at the entrance of your organization. Decorate your diary, laptop, bicycle ... Show the power of volunteering!

You use the sticker because...

everyone should know that you work with volunteers

you like to show your appreciation for your volunteers

new volunteers are always welcome



Download our images here

Become a partner and join us in distributing the stickers

Excited about this campaign? Join! Print and distribute the stickers yourself. We make our design available for free because we want to put volunteer work in the spotlight. Here you can read the terms of use.

You can also download our digital promotional material and share it via your website and social media. Spread the word and share #WeVoluntHere with us!

As a partner, your logo will be placed here.

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